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Uncover the passion, creativity, and innovation that drive local culinary establishments' success. Each episode features intimate conversations with the minds behind your favorite eateries


There's nothing like live on-location interviews with the popular food businesses that grace Pittsburgh's food scene, with foods found in various cultures throughout the world.
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LeVia Trattoria

LeVia Trattoria

LeVia is a scratch kitchen and BYOB concept, with a comfortable and casual atmosphere. Family gatherings for us often meant socializing around the kitchen, where

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Spectrum Fudge

We offer gourmet fudge and chocolates as well as other confectionery treats. We also have a mission to employee individuals with varying abilities. Currently, we

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Stamoolis Brothers Co.

Stamoolis Brothers Company has been a tradition since 1909 when five brothers, from Chios, Greece, established not only a business but a passion to bring

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Yinzerfest Post Art

2024 YinzerFest

Pittsburgh Yinzerfest is the ultimate family-friendly four-day event that will offer local bites, live music by Pittsburgh’s favorite bands, a cooking stage featuring local chefs,

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Big Nosh Jewish Food Festival

2024 Big Nosh Jewish food festival

CONNECTING PITTSBURGHERSWITH JEWISH FOOD The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle presents its first-ever Big Nosh Jewish food festival—the largest celebration of Jewish and Israeli food and culture in

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Food Trucks

Ash & Chris Foodtruck


Authentic Mediterranean Flavors

We make our food with authentic Mediterranean flavors. From our meats and legumes to our olive oil and

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Farmer's Markets




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